Back Pain

Back Pain

Like headaches, back pain is a common source of discomfort for people of all ages. Ranging in severity from a dull ache to a burning sensation, back pain can even extend to other parts of the body. Whether it is a temporary or chronic problem, you don’t necessarily need to rely on pain killers and other pharmaceutical products to alleviate the symptoms. At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we can provide holistic natural medicine for back pain that may also help to improve your overall health and well-being.

Safe & Natural Remedies

There are many sources of back pain, including muscle strains, disc injuries, fractures, and more. Likewise, there are many natural remedies for back pain available for sufferers to try. The naturopaths at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic advocate a natural and holistic approach which addresses underlying issues rather than prescribing pharmaceutical products that merely provide temporary relief.

We often recommend a daily regime of various physical exercises and therapies, including yoga, stretching, strength training, massages, osteopathic manual therapy, and heat therapy – to name just a few. We also recommend stress management techniques such as meditation to eliminate potential psychological and emotional causes of back pain. Depending on your condition, our highly trained team will provide natural treatment for back pain that meets your individual needs.

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