Chiropractic Care: From pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond

Chiropractic Care: From pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond

Chiropractic is a gentle, non-invasive and drug-free treatment that works with your body to reduce pain and promote health.For women in any stage of pregnancy, or those who are trying to conceive, chiropractic can provide holistic health care that supports your body during this important time.

Your nervous system

Your body’s nervous system, which comprises the brain, the spinal cord and your peripheral nerves, is responsible for regulating every action that occurs in your body – movement, breathing, sleep – you name it, the nervous system has a hand in it!  Ensuring this complex and integral system is functioning at optimal efficiency and is free from interference is the main purpose of chiropractic care.

Chiropractors deliver a specific force or thrust (called an ‘adjustment’) to your spine to promote correct movement and positioning of your spine.

Your spine also protects a vital component of your nervous system, the spinal cord, so it is important to ensure your spine is healthy, flexible and strong.

Prior to pregnancy

We are all aware that pregnancy places strain on your body, and in particular your spine. For this reason, assessment of your spinal health by a chiropractor prior to pregnancy is advised. It’s an excellent opportunity to address any ‘niggles’ in your back and seek advice on any other health concerns you may have.

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During pregnancy

Lower back pain during pregnancy is common, with 60-70% of women reporting pain during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, the changes in weight distribution in your abdominal area causes an increase in the lumbar lordosis – or ‘curve’ – in your low back.  This results in increased pressure on your sacroiliac joints (the joints where your hip bones and tail bone meet) and a reduction in the ability of the lumbar spine (low back) to support the rest of the spine.  Coupled with this, hormones produced by your body, like Relaxin, may cause an increase in the mobility of your pelvis as the ligaments in the area begin to stretch.  This may result in pain at the front of your pelvis (the pubic symphysis) as the weight of your baby increases strain on the area.

Chiropractic treatment can help to reduce the strain on your lower back and pelvis by working to keep your spine and pelvis aligned, reducing muscle tension and lower back pain.  The reduction in muscle spasm, ligament tension and pelvis misalignment also helps to ensure your baby has room to move and grow.

Keeping stress to a minimum is another important factor during pregnancy for your health and that of your baby.  Chiropractic care is an excellent way to reduce stress on your entire system by not only reducing pain but promoting balance and synergy within your body.

Taking the time to ensure your body is healthy and well aligned throughout your pregnancy is well worth the benefits you and your baby receive in both the short and long term.

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Regular adjustments throughout your pregnancy have been found to reduce labour time as well as the amount of painkillers required during labour.

Post birth / baby check

“The trauma from the birth process remains an under-publicized, and therefore a significantly under-treated, problem.” M.S. Gottleib

Studies have found that up to 80% of babies have some form of nerve dysfunction following birth.  Since chiropractic’s main focus is the health and integrity of the nervous system, we are able to assess your child to ensure their nervous system is free from interference.  Over 65% of your baby’s brain development occurs before their first birthday, so early assessment and intervention is important.

Let’s not forget about your health!  Giving birth is a physically demanding process, whether you give birth naturally, with intervention or via caesarean.  I always recommend new Mums are assessed to ensure their spine and pelvis are correctly aligned following the birth.  The demands of breast feeding can also cause pain between the shoulder blades and in the neck as your body adjusts to this new activity. Chiropractic adjustments will also help to ease tension in these areas.

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Article by Dr Leesa Payne

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