Autoimmune Disorders in Kids Treatment

Autoimmune Disorders in Kids Treatment

The proper functioning of the immune system is vital to our health and wellbeing. It is comprised of cells and chemicals that attack viruses, bacteria and other infection-causing bodies, and can determine everything from how frequently we succumb to colds and flu during winter through to how our digestive system chooses to ‘behave’.

Unfortunately, it is possible for the immune system to turn against us and start to attack the body’s own cells rather than those of an infection or virus. This is referred to as an ‘autoimmune reaction’. These incidents are typically categorised as ‘organ-specific’ or ‘non-organ specific’, and can vary in severity. They can affect various parts of the body, including the skin, joints, muscles, connective tissue, red blood cells, and blood vessels.

That’s where Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic comes in. Our practitioners offer natural treatments for autoimmune disorders in kids and adults who might be experiencing pain or other symptoms associated with a dysfunctional immune system.

What Can Cause Your Immune System to Break Down?

There are numerous risk factors that can cause your immune system to stop functioning properly. Genetics is one major factor; if immune system problems run in your family, your likelihood of experiencing similar problems are increased. Environmental factors such as drugs, bacteria and environmental irritants can also contribute.

Gender is a major point of consideration, with women accounting for about three quarters of people with dysfunctional immune systems. Hormonal changes in women, particularly during the child-bearing years and especially during pregnancy, childbirth and later in menopause, can instigate autoimmune reactions. So too can infection, with some infections resulting in a more severe reaction than others.

How We Can Help With Autoimmune Disease Treatment for Children

Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic provides quality autoimmune disease in kids treatment, as well as for adults, during which we may be able to provide some symptomatic relief depending on the nature of the person’s condition.

Our treatments are designed to support your immune system, address the drivers, reducing the severity of your condition and help you or your child to obtain relief. These approaches often work well in conjunction with your current medical treatment, via an integrative approach.

At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we take a holistic approach to improving the quality of your health, taking into account diet and lifestyle among a range of factors. This can refer to anything from eating a healthy, balanced diet through to reducing exposure to stress and anxiety in your life.

We aim to understand and address the underlying causes of your condition – rather than just the symptoms – in order to provide you the very highest standards of appropriate care. All of our natural autoimmune treatments are based on the latest research in natural medicine.

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Take the first steps towards a better quality of life by making an appointment to discuss natural autoimmune disorder treatments for kids and adults with Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. Our experienced and qualified practitioners can provide you with quality treatment options that are designed to help you feel better. To arrange an appointment, email us, call us on (03) 9686 2566, or complete our online enquiry form.

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