The Beauty of Natural Ageing

The Beauty of Natural Ageing

“Don’t regret growing old. It’s a privilege denied to many.” – Unknown

When I first read this quote, it caused me to think seriously about my attitude to growing older. How do I feel about myself ageing? How can I make a difference?

I decided to challenge my attitude. Rather than seeking out natural anti ageing skin care or looking for an anti ageing program, I’ve chosen to embrace ageing as a blessing. A blessing in that at 67 years, I am still here. There are so many situations and factors that can occur and lead to the destruction or disability of one’s life. However, as we grow older, most people seem to experience an internal conflict. From the moment we are born, we begin to age. I remember wishing I was 13 (a teenager), then 16 (L plates), then 17 (driving), then 18 (legal drinking). But as we become older, many start wanting to turn back the clock.

Why is Ageing Viewed Negatively?

I started to pay attention to the social, political and emotional issues of ageing. I became very aware of the way we describe this inevitable process. We, as a society, need to label our various stages of life, e.g. toddlers, young adults, and seniors/pensioners. This allows us to market products and services for the target audience, such as natural anti ageing skin care. However, in doing so, I think we have also adopted negative language to describe and label the ageing process. These terms include anti-ageing, age defying, ageing youthfully (what does this mean?), and many more.

My Oxford Dictionary states that ‘anti’ means opposed to, against, preventing. Likewise, ‘defying’ has a resistance or rebelling definition. Personally, these words connote an opposing and negating attitude when ageing is a process that really we should be thankful for. I for one am rejoicing that I’m still here in this beautiful world.

Ageing well is sometimes difficult and complicated. There is a growing body of information and resources to help along the way. Perhaps now it’s time to look at how we define and describe ageing and use more positive and helpful labels. It’s time to assist and encourage people to embrace ageing. I’m going to.

Maybe, this is how I can make a difference.

Mya Pinion x

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