Natural Treatments for Rashes & Dry, Itchy Skin

Natural Treatments for Rashes & Dry, Itchy Skin

Irritated skin is not just uncomfortable – it can also have a big impact on your self-confidence and negatively affect your quality of life. People seek naturopathic medicine for irritated skin due to a range of symptoms. These can include: Dryness Sensitivity Itchiness Recurring rashes Redness and inflammation Scaly, rough and leathery patches Dark-coloured areas[…..]

Gluten Intolerance Test for Children

Gluten is the protein component of grain found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Many children will have sensitivities to wheat and gluten to varying degrees. Some will suffer mild stomach aches […]

Food Intolerances in Children

Food intolerances or food sensitivities are much less dramatic than true food allergies and so often harder to identify. These are commonly caused by wheat or dairy but again can be caused by any foods […]

Children Cold and Flu’s

It is important for your child’s immune system to be exposed to bugs and learn to fight infections but sometimes enough is enough. If you child regularly catch colds and flu’s […]


Reflux and indigestion affects millions of people’s lives every day with one in ten adults experiencing reflux every week. For some, the symptoms of reflux and indigestion may only be mild […]

Vitamin D Deficiency & Immunity

The right amount of sunshine is essential to life. We rely on it for the air we breathe and the food we eat. Sunshine also affects our moods and our lifestyles too. But did you know that sunshine provides […]

Children’s Naturopath for Healthy Kids

The amazing thing about children is not only all that they achieve day to day, but also the potential of what they may achieve over their lifetime. We all want our children to be the best, the happiest […]

If your child’s immune system is struggling to defend itself from all the bugs going around at day care or school, don’t despair – Natural Medicines may help! Particular herbs and nutrients may help you to manage cold and flu symptoms naturally, as well as improving underlying immune imbalances. Speak to us about the best way to manage or prevent your child’s colds and flu’s naturally.

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