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Chiro for Lower Back Pain

Chiro for Lower Back Pain

One of the most common reasons why people visit chiropractors in Melbourne is to seek relief from lower back pain. Lower back pain is a severe aching pain in the lower back that can occur after activity, sudden movement or the lifting of a heavy object. This pain can gradually worsen over time and is commonly experienced by both young and elderly patients. Fortunately, a visit to a chiropractic clinic in Melbourne can identify the symptoms and pinpoint the underlying cause of the pain in order to alleviate it.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back. Chiropractors in Melbourne commonly see patients whose lower back pain has been caused by issues with nerves, joints, spinal muscles, discs, ligaments and tendons in the lumbar spine. Causes of lower back pain can also include sciatica, muscle spasm, pinal stenosis, spine curvatures and scoliosis.

What Are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can present with a range of different symptoms and range in severity from mild discomfort to severe pain. The pain can move around to the groin, buttock or upper thigh area and can be either a dull ache or a sharp sensation. Lower back pain symptoms can also involve muscle spasms, tingling or burning sensations. The pain may be worsened by sitting and improve with movement. When the pain lasts for more than three month, the condition is considered chronic.

How Can Chiropractors Relieve Lower Back Pain?

It’s a chiropractors’ goal to restore function and prevent further injury for patients suffering from lower back pain. A chiropractor in Melbourne can help by providing chiropractic manipulation treatment. Once the initial treatment has been completed, maintenance with chiropractic manipulation can enhance the long term outcomes for patients and provide pain relief.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain and think a chiropractor in Melbourne could help, make an appointment with Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic today.

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