Cupping Treatment in Melbourne

Cupping Treatment in Melbourne

Popularised by the likes of Hollywood stars in the early 2000s, the practice of cupping has become a highly sought after form of TCM treatment across the world. It’s also one of the many natural therapies in Melbourne provided by Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. Don’t know much about cupping treatment? Find out more below.

What is Cupping?

Originating in China, cupping treatment involves the placement of heated cups on the skin to create a suction effect. The suction helps to stimulate blood flow and also unblocks the flow of Qi throughout the body’s meridians, which helps to prevent the onset on illness and other health complaints.

How Does Cupping Treatment Work?

The materials used to create the cups have evolved over time, beginning with animal horns, then bamboo, followed by ceramic. These days, the cups are typically made out of moulded glass. An infusion of heat enhances the suction effect, which helps to remove toxins and stimulates blood circulation to the areas where the cups have been placed. This aids in the relief of muscle soreness, enhances overall blood flow and promotes the repair of cells in the body.

What Should I Expect When I Go In for a Cupping Treatment?

When you come in for a cupping treatment at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, your practitioner will apply heated cups to selected areas of the body where they will remain for a few minutes at a time before being removed.

During your first few cupping sessions, we will likely apply between three and five cups to the body; very rarely will anyone go beyond seven cups. After 10 days, the skin’s appearance will begin to return to normal.

What is Cupping Used to Treat?

Cupping is used to treat a vast range of conditions, including:

  • Acne
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Coughing and shortness of breath
  • Facial paralysis
  • Herniation of lumbar disc
  • Shingles / Herpes-Zoster

Aside from specific conditions or health problems, cupping treatment is also used to alleviate pain and inflammation, increase blood flow and induce relaxation.

Are There Any Side Effects to Cupping Treatment?

There are some side effects that you might experience during cupping treatment, but they are unlikely if your practitioner is qualified and experienced, the equipment has been properly cleaned and the practitioner has prepared your skin properly for the treatment to go ahead.

These side effects can include:

  • Light-headedness or dizziness
  • Sweating or nausea
  • Irritation or bruising where the rim of the cup has made contact with the skin
  • Scarring
  • Prominent bruising

There can be a small risk of skin infection, but this risk can be significantly reduced if your practitioner has sufficiently sterilised all cups and any other equipment.

Try Cupping Today

If you’re looking to try out cupping treatment in Melbourne but are concerned that it might cause problems with any existing health concern, be sure to consult with your doctor or book an initial consultation with Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. In addition to cupping, we also offer Chinese herbs and acupuncture in the Melbourne CBD. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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