Learning Difficulties Children’s Professional

Learning Difficulties Children’s Professional

There’s a lot of pressure on children to do well in school both inside and outside the classroom. Many will do well; some will do extremely well, while others will find that learning difficulties get in the way of their progress academically and socially. Until their struggle has been formally identified and diagnosed as a genuine learning difficulty, they might have a tough time at school. But thankfully, learning difficulties these days can be easily identified and managed, enabling the student to feel a sense of improvement and achievement in class they might never have thought possible.

At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we offer the services of a children’s professional who specialises in managing learning difficulties in students from Prep to Year 12. If you’re a student with a diagnosed learning difficulty or the parent of a student whose issue might not yet be diagnosed, make an appointment with us to begin the process of learning difficulties kids’ treatment

What Learning Difficulties Might My Child Have?

Difficulties in learning can range from problems with basic reading skills to problems with comprehending what they may have just read, both of which point to dyslexia. Then there’s dysgraphia, which is the name for learning difficulties in writing, as well as dyscalculia which is related to learning difficulties in math. Other common types of learning difficulties might include:

  • Dyspraxia – Problems with fine motor skills
  • Dysphasia – Problems with language
  • Auditory processing disorder – Difficulty detecting differences between sounds
  • Visual processing disorder – Difficulty processing and interpreting visual information

Students may also experience disorders that simply make learning difficult, as opposed to a straight up learning difficulty. Those that fall into this group include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism.

How Might You Identify Students with Learning Difficulties?

Most students with learning difficulties will often express their struggles through their behaviours or in the presentation of their work. They might have a poor memory, or have problems paying attention. They might show difficulties in telling time, staying focused in the classroom and lose concentration easily. Students might act out impulsively against the teacher or another student. They’ll often have a hard time following instructions, and resist change to schedules or situational events. With the aid of a learning difficulties children’s professional, we can work to identify and overcome the signs of learning difficulty.

Learning Difficulties – Kids’ Treatment Options

It’s important to note that Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic is not a tutoring centre. However, we do offer practical kids’ treatment approaches to learning difficulties that they can apply to their classroom and homework spaces no matter what subject.

Every child has their own preferred way of learning; some learn best through visual cues (i.e. learn by seeing), while some learn through audio cues (i.e. learn by listening) and others find learning easiest by doing.

For disorders that can affect a student’s ability to learn effectively, like ADHD or autism, our learning difficulties children’s professional will devise a tailored learning plan that accommodates the student’s academic and social strengths and encourages the importance of concentration and focus. For more information, make an appointment at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic today.

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