Natural Treatment for Insomnia

Natural Treatment for Insomnia

Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic can provide a number of natural remedies for insomnia. Almost everyone experiences this condition at some point in their life, with around 10% of the population affected for six months or longer. Characterised by a habitual inability to sleep, insomnia can lead to issues including:

  • Low mood
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor –memory
  • Carelessness/clumsiness
  • Feeling emotional

By seeking natural treatment for insomnia, you can take the necessary steps to reclaim your life and move forward, complete with an invigorated feeling of health and happiness.

Insomnia & The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is essential for healthy brain function, emotional wellbeing, and physical health. Most experts recommend that a healthy adult get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, but it’s also important to ensure you are getting ‘good-quality’ sleep. During sleep, the body moves through cycles called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM (or slow wave) sleep. To best benefit the body, these cycles must occur in a specific order and for a certain length of time. If you are not sleeping long enough, or if these cycles are being disturbed by any kind of insomnia, your brain is not getting the opportunity to rejuvenate, recover and ‘reset’. Natural medicines for insomnia can help you to fall asleep and properly experience each cycle, giving you the rest you need.

What’s Keeping Us Awake?

There are many triggers for sleep disturbance, but the most common one is stress. Research has found that there are often increased levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in people with sleeping problems and insomnia. So, if it takes you a long time to nod off – or if you’re frequently waking up at night and struggling to fall back asleep – you may have increased stress levels you need to address.

Other causes of insomnia or sleep disturbance that might be treated with natural medicines include gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain and nasal allergies.

We May Have the Answer You’re Looking For

The naturopaths at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic offer natural remedies for insomnia that may help you avoid those nights lying awake. A benefit of using natural medicines for insomnia is that, unlike other medications, they are not addictive and won’t lead to morning grogginess. More importantly, seeing a naturopath can assist you in addressing the underlying causes of sleeping difficulties such as stress, anxiety and nutritional deficiencies.

Tips for Improving Your Sleep

When used in combination with herbs and natural supplements, the following tips can help you get longer, better-quality shut-eye:

  • Try going to bed at the same time each night to regulate your internal body clock
  • Exercise regularly (but avoid it any less than two hours before bed)
  • Avoid alcohol before bed
  • Avoid stimulants like sugar and caffeine (even cutting down during the day can help)
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and used only for sleep and intimacy
  • If you’re struggling to sleep, try not to get worked up about it

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