Though osteoporosis is a condition without pain or obvious symptoms, it’s a condition that can ultimately become debilitating for sufferers. People with osteoporosis have low bone density and are therefore more susceptible to bone breakages and fractures. Spinal fractures can lead to changes in posture, loss of height over time and physical pain.  Experienced practitioners at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic can provide treatment options to help improve bone density and aim to alleviate the problems that come with the condition.

Who is At Greater Risk of Developing Osteoporosis?

There are numerous risk factors that can increase a person’s chance of developing osteoporosis. They can include:

  • Insufficient intake of calcium in diet
  • Low levels of Vitamin D
  • Cigarette smoking
  • More than two standard alcoholic drinks per day
  • More than three cups of (caffeinated) coffee per day
  • Minimal levels of physical activity
  • Early menopause

Unfortunately, women are at greater chance of developing osteoporosis than men, as are people with a family history of osteoporosis. However, with the right guidance, you can reduce the likelihood of developing the condition or exacerbating any existing factors.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Changing some of your lifestyle choices can reduce the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Beneficial changes include:

  • Getting more sun – While it’s important to remain sun smart, particularly in the middle of the day when the sun’s UV rays are at their most intense, it’s also important to get some vitamin D from the sun to improve bone density
  • Consume calcium rich foods, and maintain a nutrient filled diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables and grains
  • Quit or reduce your smoking / nicotine intake
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
  • Maintain a consistent routine of strength training and weight bearing activities

Osteoporosis Management

MNMC offers osteoporosis therapy as a means of managing the condition. With the help of a qualified practitioner, we can assist you with management strategies to keep condition related problems to a minimum. These strategies might include:

  • Prevention of falls (which can lead to breaks and fractures)
  • Safe / modified exercise options
  • Medications

With osteoporosis management strategies in place, it’s possible to continue living your best life. If you’d like to speak to us about osteoporosis, give Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic a call today on (03) 9686 2566, or complete our online enquiry form.

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