Tasha Andric – Dispensary Quick Scripts Naturopath

Tasha Andric – Dispensary Quick Scripts Naturopath

Tasha is a Degree Qualified Naturopath who is uniquely equipped to deal with your acute care needs. Having worked in the industry consulting and prescribing under a complimentary consultation quick script environment. Tasha is an exciting new addition to the MNMC team, she will be your point of call if you need assistance between consultations with your practitioner or you just require some sound advice as to what test is best for you or what supplement you may need to address with your acute care need. Talk to Tasha 03 9686 2566 today!

Tasha has a special care and interest in treating the nervous system, including conditions such as anxiety, chronic stress, mood disturbances, sleep issues or low energy and vitality. Immune health, gut health and hormones. Drawn to Naturopathy for its holistic focus, Tasha will help you quickly resolve your acute care needs and offer sound advice in your complementary consultation. If you are struggling for time or money or need symptomatic relief for your health issue. She will create a targeted treatment approach which can assist you with symptomatic relief of your health concern. This may be to ease cough or cold, hay-fever or suffering from a stressful period, Tasha can give you quick relief to aid you back to optimal health and wellbeing.

What Tasha can help you with:

– Sleep disturbances
– Stress
– Anxiety
– Minor mood disturbances
– Detoxing
– Hay fever
 – Cold/flu
– Sore throat
– General immune support
– Acute pain relief
– Poor energy
– Bloating and discomfort
– Painful periods
 – PMS
BHSc Health Science (NAT)
ANTA registered

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