Jasmina Kotorac – Reflexology

Jasmina Kotorac – Reflexology

Resized_20180205_170939_001_30My professional career started in Croatia as a physiotherapist. Since coming to Australia, I worked as a Physiotherapy Assistant in a Rehabilitation hospital, living my passion in looking after and caring for patients of all ages that were facing different health challenges and issues in neurology, orthopaedics and rheumatology.

I discovered benefits of reflexology when I was introduced to it some years ago, searching for a natural way to cope with menopausal symptoms; insomnia, night sweats, hot flushes, to name a few. Thrilled with the results that I got from reflexology treatments, I decided to make reflexology my career, wanting to help other women who are either already dealing with or about to face the same issues.

Woman’s health has always been one of my strong interests, but since graduating, my focus grew into a wider interest in different reflexology modalities. This genuine interest has taken me into the next few years of intense studying to be able to offer a desired reflexology treatments to varied clientele.

I practice different reflexology modalities; Traditional and TCM foot reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Reproductive and Fertility Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Japanese Face Lifting.

I specialise in Neuro Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem), a unique and very effective complementary holistic therapy that uses the bases of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupressure points, Oriental Energy Meridians together with the Modern Neuro- Anatomy to help improve the underlying imbalances which often manifest in our bodies in the form of physical, mental, hormonal and/or emotional issues.

Always wanting to help my clients in achieving their desired health and wellbeing goals, I place a great importance on a continuing education, broadening the knowledge with advanced courses and techniques. Throughout last year I have been travelling to and from Denmark to study at the International Institute of Reflex Therapy under a founder, director of the Institute and a mentor, professor Lone Sorensen, being the first and only facial reflexologist in Australia to obtain the diploma in Temprana Brain Rehabilitation and Home Training Reflex Therapy.

Based on the extensive professional experience and as a result of studies, I have been appointed by the International Institute of reflexology as a National Trainer and Educator of Specialised post- grad Neuro Facial Reflexology Courses in Australia and Tasmania.

Strongly believing in giving back to the community, I participate in voluntary programs (Royal Melbourne Hospital, Oncology day ward- Epworth Hospital) with a scope to accompany a professor and mentor Lone Sorensen on her travels to Oman on a yearly bases to treat disabled children that are unable to afford any form of medical care.


Diploma in Facial Reflexology 1-5 Sorensensistem (International Institute of Reflex Therapy)
Diploma in Reflexology (Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation)
Diploma in Temprana Brain Rehab and Home Training- Sorensensistem (Internationa Institute of Reflex Therapy)
Diploma in Japanese Face Lifting- Sorensensistem (International Institute of Reflex Therapy)
Certificates obtained from International Institute of Reflex Therapy:

  • Trauma Release bipolar method Facial Reflexology- Sorensensistem
  • Vagus nerve Reflex stimulation- Sorensensistem
  • Children with Special Needs Facial Reflexology- Sorensensistem
  • Hormonal and Infertility Facial Reflexology- Sorensensistem
  • Fibromyalgia Nerve Reflex Therapy- Sorensensistem
  • Parkinson, Alzhimer’s and Dementia protocols- Sorensensistem
  • Diabetes protocols- Sorensensistems
  • Stuttering protocol-Sorensensistem

Certificate in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (Sally Kay, UK)

Certificate in Reflexology in Fertility and Pre- conceptual care (Barbara Scott, UK)

Certificate in Ear Candling (Complete health and harmony)

Professional member of:

Reflexology Association of Australia

Association of Reproductive Reflexology, UK

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