Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy Support Counselling

Pregnancy is a journey that both expectant mothers and fathers go through, and like any other journey, it’s possible for challenges to emerge along the way. If you require support to help you and your partner maintain emotional equilibrium throughout your journey, Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic offers pregnancy support counselling at our Melbourne clinic.

What Does Pregnancy Counselling Involve?

Our pregnancy counselling in Melbourne involves talking with you and your partner to identify all feelings you’re experiencing in relation to pregnancy, including positive feelings such as joy and negative emotions such as confusion or fear. These feelings will be worked through to help you understand their source and reach a place of emotional stability.

If this is your first pregnancy, our pregnancy counsellor can also provide education on what to expect so you can prepare for birth without fear of the unknown or any false expectations. You may also require pregnancy support counselling to help you identify certain preferences for birth you may have, such as whether you will give birth naturally or use pain relief.

Make An Appointment Today

Our pregnancy counselling in Melbourne aims to put you in the best position to emotionally prepare you for the challenges of pregnancy and birth. To make an appointment for pregnancy support counselling at our clinic, call us on (03) 9686 2566.

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