2die4 Activated Organic Macadamias | 120g

2die4 Live Foods Organic Activated Macadamia Nuts are one of the most enjoyable and satisfying snacks you are likely to find anywhere! A buttery and creamy texture with a pleasing crunch, bursting with flavour and nutrition, they are a taste experience you just have to try!

Grown locally in the northeast of NSW and Activated at our state of the art facility in Byron Bay using our original bespoke methods, these nuts are supreme!

Warning: Highly addictive!


Organic Macadamias (99%), Filtered Water, Australian Sea Salt


100% organic activated macadamia nuts

Delicious just on their own, macadamia nuts are also the perfect addition to a trail mix, smoothies, sprinkled over salad for extra crunch, mixed into oats or muesli, nut alternative in pesto or even grated into a salad dressing over a soup for extra flavour and nutritional boost.

“Macadamia nuts are a favourite in the MNMC Clinic. A bag doesn’t last long when shared amongst the team. Buttery and creamy, macadamia nuts are a really easy nut to add into foods because of it’s softer texture and mild nutty flavour” – MNMC Practitioner

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