2die4 Activated Organic Pistachio Nuts | 100g

Certified Organic Pistachios are high in fibre and protein.  Full of vitamins and minerals including B6, B1 and Vit E, they are also rich in amino acids which are good for heart health.  Our activation process makes these nutrients more bio-available and the nuts are so tasty.  Activated pistachios are great for baking with and as a topping for breakfast or salads.

We source delicious organic pistachios from sunny California and activate them in our Byron Bay facility.

Made in Byron Bay using pistachios from the USA. Vegan.

Ingredients: Organic Pistachios (99%), Filtered Water, Australian Sea Salt


Organic Pistachios, Organic Australian Sea Salt, Water. Made on the same equipment as products containing whey and other nuts. May contain shell.


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