MNMC DigesTea | 60g

A must in any herbal tea collection. Crafted by MNMC Naturopaths, Digestea is a blend of organic peppermint and liquorice root

Designed to gently support digestion after meals and curb sugar cravings. 


About the MNMC Herbal Tea Range

Combining years of clinical experience and listening to the wants and needs of our clients, MNMC Naturopaths have sourced the best quality organic herbs to produce our very own herbal tea range. Each tea is crafted to be highly therapeutic while tasting great in hot or cold infusion. Available in clinic and online, the loose leaf varieties are great value. Check out the entire range available.  




Organic Liquorice Root and Peppermint

Add 2 tsp in a small tea pot of boiling water or tea infuser – brew for a minimum of 3 minutes, ideally 5 minutes before drinking, continue to top up with boiling water.

“A simple blend that we find most tea and non-tea drinkers enjoy. We recommend enjoying a cup after each meal for digestive support. The liquorice adds a subtle sweet taste, so this tea is also great mid-afternoon or in the evening when trying to curb sweet cravings” – MNMC Naturopath

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