MNMC Anti-Inflammatory Liver Chai | 100g

Love your liver and it will love you back. Stunningly tasting chai style organic blend to support healthy liver detoxification & inflammation. Drink this tea daily to balance your lifestyle.


Dandelion Roasted Root, Turmeric Root Tea, Aniseed Seed, Cinnamon Bark Powder, Ginger Root, Clove Buds, Cardamon Pods, Star Anise

2 tsp in a small tea pot of boiling water or tea infuser – brew for a minimum of three minutes ideally 5 minutes before drinking, continue to top up with boiling water.


Suggestion: Delicious with just water and even more delicious with your favourite nut mylk (add a little honey or maple syrup at the end to turn it into a treat).

Milky Chai Version: Brew on the stove top or froth with nut mylk. Let the herbs infuse in the mylk for as long as possible before brewing to extract the flavour and reap the therapeutic benefits, add honey or maple syrup at the end……Enjoy.

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