MNMC Comprehensive Wellness Guide
At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic we are passionate about natural medicine. We are a team of highly qualified Naturopaths who are able to tailor treatments that will create health and wellness throughout your entire lifetime.
Our aim is to understand the underlying cause of your condition by drawing on the latest scientific research, tests and investigations to help you achieve health and happiness.
This Comprehensive Wellness guide contains:
  • The Wellness Program
  • MNMC Fat Loss Program
  • Quick Cleanse Program
  • Blood Type Diet Food Lists
  • Elimination Program
  • Alkalising Program
  • Notes
  • Foods High in Essential Nutrients
  • Thyroid Health and lodine
  • Vitality and Longevity and Ageing Test Explained
  • Bone Health
  • MNMC Detoxification Program
  • Meditation and Stress Release
  • FODMAP Diet
  • Wheat Intolerance
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Dairy Intolerance
  • Food Chemical Sensitivities (Salicylates and Amines)
  • Anti-inflammatory Recommendations
  • Candida Diet
  • Food Diary
  • MNMC Fat Loss Recipes

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