Lauren Minicozzi Self Love Cards | 52 cards

The Self Love Cards were designed to help you on your journey of self acceptance. Of self love. Of inner happiness.

There are 52 cards in this deck, meaning 52 chances for you to practice Self Love. Each week you are encouraged to select a beautifully designed card (by Lauren) and read the message it has for you. Delve deeper by opening up the mini booklet and finding your card and reading the meaning behind it. Each card has an associated task to complete so you are actually ‘doing’ the work and you can truly start to unleash your inner goddess. To finally give permission to show up for yourself. To become connected within. To accept who you are, as you are- no expectations. 

Start embracing the change. Change doesn’t happen unless you start ‘doing’. 

Are you ready to start loving yourself again?

Lauren has also designed a beautiful Self Love Diary


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