Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne

Most people will experience low points in their lives. For some people, these low moments might only be fleeting, but for others they may never really go away. When you feel the time is right to seek psychological treatment for anxiety or trauma, there’s no better time than now to book a consultation with an experienced clinical psychologist at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic.

The Differences between Psychology and Psychiatry

In order to become a fully qualified psychiatrist, a student must complete their six year medical degree and become a qualified doctor. The newly-graduated doctor can then opt for further study in order to specialise in psychiatry, where they study how to diagnose, treat and prevent behavioural, emotional and mental disorders. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists have the training and qualification to be able to prescribe medication to treat or control these disorders. For many patients, it’s the medication factor that often sways their decision towards seeing a psychiatrist over a psychologist.

Psychologists complete a four year degree that’s followed by an extra two years of study in order to gain general registration. This enables the practitioner to seek work in areas of psychology where they may be deemed capable of working in a particular role under the title of psychologist. While many psychologists are happy working as general psychologists, others opt to pursue a further two years of study to specialise in a field such as clinical psychology.

The Difference between Clinical Psychology and Psychology

The key differences between a general psychologist and a clinical psychologist are that the latter specialises in mental health and undergoes a total of eight years study to earn those qualifications. It’s a highly specialised area that provides training and qualifications to assess, diagnose, formulate and treat various mental, emotional and behavioural conditions across a person’s life. General psychologists typically do not undergo further specialist study beyond the general practice of psychology.

What Can a Clinical Psychologist Treat?

A clinical psychologist has the expertise to provide psychological trauma treatment brought on by past or even current events, as well as psychological treatment for anxiety. Other patients might seek the assistance of a clinical psychologist when they:

  • Struggle to adjust to major life changes, as well as trauma and stress
  • Experience low mood or feelings of self-harm
  • Have an excess of energy that prohibits them from falling asleep or simply just relaxing
  • Have thoughts that border on obsessive
  • Feel on edge or jumpy
  • Experience problems with alcohol abuse, drug abuse or any other addictive activities
  • And more

Whether you’re looking to overcome pain caused by a significant event and you need psychological trauma treatment, or you would like to speak to a professional about psychological treatment for anxiety, make an appointment with a clinical psychologist at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic today and take the necessary steps toward reclaiming your life.

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