Pyrrole Disorder (Kryptopyrrole) Treatment

Pyrrole Disorder (Kryptopyrrole) Treatment

Pyroluria (also known as pyrrole disorder and Kryptopyrrole, among other names) is a common chemical imbalance caused by an abnormality in the body’s synthesis of haemoglobin. Mostly seen in women, the disorder can be genetic and/or triggered by environmental factors such as trauma, illness, prolonged stress, ‘leaky gut syndrome’, and the overuse of antibiotics.

Pyroluria is a factor in several emotional and behavioural disorders, and can manifest in a myriad of ways. It will typically first appear as behavioural abnormalities in children, but can continue into adulthood. Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic offers Kryptopyrrole treatment for patients in Melbourne. With a range of options available, we’ll determine the most appropriate form of treatment to help relieve symptoms of the condition.

Causes and Triggers

There are multiple possible causes and triggers that might result in a person developing Kryptopyrrole. Treatment can aid in alleviating some of the symptoms, but the most appropriate form of Kryptopyrrole treatment will depend on its root cause.

Potential causes and triggers might include:

  • Genetics
  • ‘Leaky gut syndrome’
  • Overconsumption of antibiotics
  • Childhood trauma
  • Stress
  • Chronic infection early in life
  • Alcoholism (either of the sufferer or a parent)
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Poor diet
  • The physical stresses caused by illness

Who Should Be Tested?

People with the following symptoms are believed to be most susceptible to developing Pyroluria. You might choose to seek treatment for pyrrole disorder if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Inability to control stress
  • Nervousness
  • Pronounced mood swings
  • Episodic anger/temper outbursts
  • Low moods
  • Anxiety
  • Learning disorders, OCD, ADD/HD and other mental and emotional conditions
  • Inability to tan properly
  • Abnormal fat distribution
  • Poor memory
  • Continual ear disturbances
  • Poor sleep/insomnia
  • Impaired immune function – e.g. allergies, hay fever
  • Joint pain

If you are tested and diagnosed with Pyroluria, a Naturopath from Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic can then start you on Kryptopyrrole treatment in the hope that your symptoms might affect you less and less.

How is the Test Performed?

Your MNMC naturopath will provide you with a kit to take home and collect a urine sample. The sample will be sent off to a specialised lab to evaluate the results. Once we get the results back, we’ll arrange a time for you to return to the clinic to discuss Kryptopyrrole treatment.

Is There an Effective Pyrrole Disorder Treatment?

Pyrroles disorder (Kryptopyrrole) treatment typically involves working to improve the sufferer’s nutrition, digestion and stress levels – often with the use of Vitamin B6, zinc, biotin and Omega 6. Your MNMC naturopath will advise you of the best types, forms and dosages of these minerals based on your test result, as well as any other tests that may also need to be performed.

Book in your Pyrroles disorder treatment today and let our naturopaths help bring your body back into balance. Our clinic is located at 49 Chetwynd St, North Melbourne. You can make an appointment online, email us, or phone us on (03) 9686 2566.


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