Regulating Emotions, Immunity and Wellness

Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing therapy that involves the application of pressure to areas on the feet, face and/or hands. The general theory behind reflexology is the areas receiving pressure correspond to organs and systems of the body. The pressure applied using reflexology techniques brings relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.

As our communities continue to experience challenges, it’s understandable that our personal health and wellbeing will be impacted in some way. Many of us are experiencing changed sleep patterns, feeling overwhelmed, fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, digestive issues, or even stress-induced elevated heartrate as we read about or listen to what is going on at the moment. If this is something you can relate to it’s time you give your body a little bit of a helping hand and reflexology might help.

The Nervous System

Every time we find ourselves in a stressful situation, our sympathetic nervous system is activated. As our body innately prepares us for a perceived threat, the ‘FIGHT or FLIGHT’ response is triggered. Remember, just by thought alone, we can turn on a stress response.

Normally, the two subdivisions of nervous systems work simultaneously to keep the body in a harmonious state and there is always a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic inputs;
– Sympathetic Nervous System prepares the body to face the perceived danger and is a very useful short-term defense as it prepares all body systems ready for a fight, to run away or to freeze.
– Parasympathetic Nervous System which the VAGUS nerve is the main component of, counterbalances that action, regulating many of the body processes to return the body back to the ‘rest, relax and digest’ state as the danger is no longer present.

The Vagus Nerve and Mind-Body Connection

A good functioning Vagus nerve is extremely important as it regulates:

– breathing, speech and swallowing
– emotions
– digestion, bladder function and gut health
– blood pressure
– hearing and taste
– circulation
– fertility and orgasms
– immune system

A healthy functioning Vagus nerve allows us to access the parts of the brain that are responsible for creativity, higher cognition and complex decision making.

In the absence of well functioning Vagus nerve activation, we only end up having access to parts of the brain that controls primal instincts, like FEAR and FLIGHT/ FIGHT response.

The function of the Vagus nerve can be impaired by high-stress levels, anxiety, lifestyle, toxicity (excessive alcohol, smoking, environmental toxins, radiation), overworking, lack of proper nutrition, sleep and exercise, changed life condition and more

Research shows that constant feelings of fear and stress hormones suppress the immune system that is responsible for keeping your body in good health. However, when you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and the body experiences elevated emotions and feelings of safety, the immune system strengthens considerably.

When the Vagus nerve is not able to perform to the best of its ability, the body and mind become susceptible to a range of health conditions, like depression, anxiety, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, diabetes, digestive disorders, chronic inflammation, kidney malfunction, infertility.

So far, many different techniques have been used to increase the Vagus nerve activity, from implanting electrical devices to more natural ways, like breathing, meditation, cold water immersion and yoga.

Facial Reflexology

Using FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY (Facial Reflex Therapy- FRT) to stimulate the Vagus nerve has proven to be a very effective way to increase the Vagal tone (Lu et al., 2010).

This natural and very relaxing therapy has a very positive impact on the Vagus nerve through the precise gentle manual stimulation of different microsystem zones and specific neuro points on the face, scalp, ears and feet, transmitting neural impulses to targeted areas of the brain and nervous system. The whole parasympathetic system is engaged, the breathing and the heart rate slow down and the body enters a relaxed state and the RELAX-REST-DIGEST response is fully activated.

By keeping your Vagus nerve in good health, you increase/engage all the higher states of emotions: POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE, LOVE, EMPATHY, CONNECTEDNESS,

If you would like to make a Reflexology appointment contact is on 03 96 86 2566, or via the link below.

Jasmina is available for a short phone consultation to answer any questions and discuss how Reflexology may be able to benefit you. 

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