Reflexology in Melbourne

Reflexology in Melbourne

Reflexology is a complementary massage therapy that’s best used in conjunction with other treatments to improve health. It involves massaging the feet to enhance wellness throughout the body. The contemporary approach to reflexology is that the foot is comprised of reflex points that are directly related to particular structures and organs throughout the body. Practitioners of reflexology believe that any health issues that the human body encounters can be detected and therefore treated by massaging the corresponding area of the foot. For example, the left hemisphere of the brain has its matching reflex point in the tip of the big toe. If you would like to make an appointment to experience reflexology in Melbourne, make an appointment today at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic.

The Benefits of Visiting a Melbourne Reflexology Clinic

When combined with other treatment options, reflexology massage offers a wealth of benefits. These can include:

  • The ability to improve nerve function
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • A deeper state of relaxation
  • Natural eradication of toxins from the body

Additionally, it can help to reduce the onset and intensity of migraines and alleviate sleeping disorders. For people who have experienced an injury or have recently had surgery, reflexology is also believed to aid in speeding up recovery.

Reflexology Massage During Pregnancy &Other Risks

While for the most part reflexology massage is safe for pregnant women, some practitioners won’t provide the service for those in their first trimester. Though there is no link between the massage technique and miscarriage, the common belief among practitioners is that the same reflex points used to treat discomfort during pregnancy can also induce labour and should therefore be avoided early on in pregnancy.

For people with osteoporosis or other bone disorders seeking reflexology in Melbourne, there is a possibility of bone fractures occurring due to the pressure applied to the reflex points in the foot. If you fall into this category, we suggest consulting your doctor first before undergoing treatment.

Book at Your Trusted Melbourne Reflexology Clinic Today

For a holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness, book an appointment today at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic − your trusted Melbourne reflexology clinic.

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