Angela’s Testimonials

Angela’s Testimonials

Chronic Asthma

I have been seeing Angela for nearly 6mths time to assist with my chronic asthma, and the results are fantastic. Angela’s knowledge, advice, and caring nature has been wonderful. I believe everyone should consider linking in with an experienced Naturopath when making decisions about their health & well-being. Thank you, Angela, for all your help 💜💜

Polycystic Ovaries

I had heard great feedback from sister and others about the high level of service, and comprehensive testing Angela conducts before providing advice and a treatment plan. My concern was regulating my menstrual cycle as I had gone nearly a year without a period. I have been battling PCO for years since going off the pill and had made changes to my diet, lifestyle, tried Chinese medicine, acupuncture etc by body didn’t seem to be responding to any of these changes.

After years of struggling to have a regular cycle and dealing with the symptoms of PCO, within the first month of my treatment Angela managed to get my cycle back on track. My cycle is now more regular than ever before. Thanks to Angela I now have a restored faith in Naturopathy and the importance of listening to your body and what it needs. Angela was fantastic she took time to look into all my past tests and records to get to the source of the problem and treat it from there. Angela’s warm nature, reassuring positive attitude made me instantly feel comfortable talking about any of my concerns and health issues.

The results I got after seeing Angela has lifted my spirits and got my old self back. The kind nature but also experience and high level of knowledge of everyone in the clinic made me feel comfortable but also confident in their advice and treatments. I would absolutely highly recommend anyone with any health concern to see Angela, she takes the time to really understand and analyse your situation with a comprehensive consultation and testing which really does help to get results.

Danielle from South Melbourne

This is the service we provided for Danielle for to treat her Polycystic ovaries and Irregular cycles

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

At the time of seeing Angela my health was very up and down, more down and I was very frustrated with my progress with the other 3 naturopaths I had currently been to see as I was really getting no where. After speaking to Angela the first time I met her I was impressed with her knowledge regarding my symptoms so I felt quietly confident I was going to get a positive result.

No other naturopath was as thorough as Angela, she did all kinds of different tests to get to the cause of the actual problem, unlike other naturopaths that only guessed what it could be going by my symptoms, Angela got to the root of the problem and we worked from there. It took a while to get my stomach sorted as it had been going on for a while, but after a few months I started to get positive results and I now feel 1000% better than I did before I met Angela, her determination to get me healthy was amazing and I cant thank her enough, as I am working out again and playing sport better than I have for years.

Bruce Barnes, Reservoir

MNMC Naturopaths use Natural medicine and diagnostic testing to resolve Irritable Bowel syndrome

Food sensitivities, IBS and fatigue

At the time of seeing Angela for Naturopathy, I was very sick and had a severe issue with my health particularly my gut. My attitude was take it as it comes – no expectations. I got her advice and gave it a go… It basically started the process of curing me. Crippling symptoms were going and it was awesome to get functionality back! Sticking to it and over time, I am now more energetic and got back my vitality.

I would say to others, give them a try; it helped me immensely so I am confident you will receive the same good service.

Frank Reffo – Melbourne

This is the service we provided for Frank to heal his Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Food sensitivities and Fatigue


I was suffering chronic pain with my Endometriosis and was on strong painkillers to help. The pain would reach a point where I would have to go to the hospital for morphine. I am no longer on painkillers and I haven’t had to go to the hospital. The pain is something in my past. The pain relief wasn’t immediate but I had waited 15 years so for me it was immediate. I noticed a decrease in pain straight away and it continued to lessen as time went on. Pain used to interfere with my life, now it is my life with no interference. After seeing the great, somewhat miraculous results I had had, my mother who suffered arthritis went to see Angela Smith. In less then 3 months she is pain free and her swelled finger joints have vanished. She can now grab and hold things without pain and wear her wedding ring, something she couldn’t do for years.

I don’t have to live my life around my pain, this is freedom. When you have a condition Western medicine can’t treat or diagnose you naturally carry fear that something is terribly wrong and it’s frustrating when you can’t find help, no matter how active your search is. I have relief now I have answers and course of treatment I am actively involved in which gives me the control back. I am in control of my life and well being and after spending so long having a condition in control of my life and well being, I feel empowered.

Carolyn Tinker from Melbourne

MNMC Naturopaths provide alternative, natural treatments for Painful periods and Endometriosis


I knew that something needed to change, as l was tired and experiencing pain on a regular basis across a number of years since l was an adolescent. I had been to a number of medical professionals with time limited or very little success. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first appointment, this was my first appointment with a naturopath. If the truth be known l was a little nervous and really uncertain if anything would change. A wonderfully warm, insightful and knowledgeable naturopath Angela Smith greeted me.

My treatment has lead to many positive and life changing outcomes, some of which l never expected. My pain has reduced significantly and l have a greater amount of energy. The unexpected is that l have got to know and understand my body not just in a physical sense but also emotionally. Angela has taken me on a journey which opened many closed doors, she is truly gentle, knowledgeable and insightful in her approach. I have never felt stupid in asking any questions and have spoken and explored more about myself than l have before given Angela’s approach and sensitivity.
I now feel freer to explore what is happening for me, partly as l understand my body so much better now because of Angela. I feel that l am now looking forward and will continue to change and feel better into the future.

Cyndi from Northcote

MNMC Naturopaths provide alternative, natural treatments for Painful periods and Endometriosis

Chronic Immune Fatigue and painful periods

I suffered from chronic sinus infections and bronchitis. I was debilitatingly ill (weak, dizzy if I stood up, couldn’t work or attend classes) up to five times a year for five years. Each time I got sick I would stay sick for six weeks to two months. Doctors would prescribe antibiotics which only sometimes improved my health. On the occasions when antibiotics did improve my health, I would get sick again as soon as my prescription ran out. On a couple of occasions I said to the doctor, “I get sick again as soon as my course of antibiotics finishes. Isn’t there a way for me to just be well? What is wrong with me?” The doctor replied that he could prescribe a constant dose of antibiotics – so I would just take them every day for the rest of my life. That was his only solution. On a couple of occasions I was hospitalised because I just kept getting worse.

I also had very bad period pain. When I first started menstruating, a doctor put me on the contraceptive pill – long before I was in need of a contraceptive – because there was no other way to treat the intense pain. The pill did help but every time I tried to come off it my pain would return even worse than before.

I had heard wonderful things from my friend about Angela so I was hoping she would be able to build up my immune system to the point where I didn’t get sick anymore. She far exceeded my expectations. When I first went to see her I had come out of hospital a few weeks earlier. I had finished the follow up course of antibiotics the hospital had given me and was getting sick again. Three days after seeing Angela for the first time I was no longer sick. My bronchitis and sinus infection were gone.

Angela was amazing. She sees the body as a whole. Where I would focus only on the things that were hurting most, she would see how things like lack of sleep and stress levels were effecting my health too. She treated my body as a whole, not just the individual problems. She always explained what was upsetting me and why each treatment would help. She gave me things that I could do to improve my health. She emphasised balance: its okay to have a little piece of cake, an occasional glass of wine, forget to take my herbs once in a while just so long as I’m good to my body most of the time.

She has an amazing maternal energy- a natural healer. I felt tremendous relief after my first treatment. I almost couldn’t believe the changes in my body. I was so grateful and amazed. I wished I had come to see her five years earlier and saved myself five years of illness.

Now I feel amazing. I never take time off work, I never miss out on anything because I’m sick. I can just live my life and enjoy it! It seems amazing to be able to just be well.

Adelaide Fisher, Brunswick

MNMC Naturopaths use Natural medicine to boost the Immune system and treat Painful periods with successful result

Weight loss

Before seeing Angela I felt lethargic, tired, anxious, flat, and unaware of what was causing all of this and why I wasn’t losing weight.I knew I’d have to change things in my life, but I had very had little expectations. I was nervous about what I’d have to do Angela Smith was able to show me why I felt the way I felt. She showed me that my body was out of sync and that until I fixed the problems I had; I wouldn’t fix any of the symptoms and would struggle to lose weight. Angela sorted out my issues through naturopathic remedies and put me on the MNMC weight loss program and over a 6 month period I’ve lost 16 kilo’s of fat. Pretty amazing stuff!

At first I felt daunted at the changes I was facing, but I got stuck into it and followed everything Angela told me. I started feeling amazing within the first 7 days of my new plan and 6 months later, I feel fantastic. I feel like I’m a totally different person and I look like one too!

Sophie Needham from South Melbourne

This is the service we provided for Sophie to lose weight. Natural medicine provides great healthy options for effective long-term weight loss

Irregular menstruation and PMS

Before seeing Angela I had a hormone imbalance ha I had not been able to sort out for 2 years,. I was almost at the point of giving in and going with doctor’s advice to try hormone replacement therapy. At 34 years old that was not something I wanted to do.Angela fixed my hormonal imbalance; I feel the best I have felt in years. I have more energy and my mood and concentration have improved considerably. Not to mention my cycle is back which I have not had for years.

Danielle. L from Bundoora

This is the service we provided to Danielle. Using Natural medicine to treat PMS and Irregular Menstruation, Polycystic Ovaries


I’m just delighted with the positive results I am experiencing since I began seeing Angela Smith. The incredible decrease in inflammation in various sites in my body is wonderful! I also have so much more energy, clarity and general well-being. Highly recommended!


Angela and the team are incredible at what they do! I would highly recommend to anyone

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