I had heard great feedback from sister and others about the high level of service, and comprehensive testing Angela conducts before providing advice and a treatment plan. My concern was regulating my menstrual cycle as I had gone nearly a year without a period. I have been battling PCO for years since going off the pill and had made changes to my diet, lifestyle, tried Chinese medicine, acupuncture etc by body didn’t seem to be responding to any of these changes.

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Angela’s Testimonials

I first came across Chantelle 18 months ago after my health had been slowly declining over the last couple of years. At this point I was getting frustrated, getting nowhere with other medical and health professionals. I decided to try natural medicine. I heard Chantelle specialised in digestive issues and booked myself a consultation with her. I was experiencing gastro intestinal problems, multiple food intolerances, fatigue, weight loss, muscle weakness, joint pain, sleeping difficulties and anxiety.

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Chantelle’s Testimonials

After seeing many naturopaths Emma took a systematic approach to my complex issues. She took time to understand my concerns and formulated a treatment plan that worked for my lifestyle. Amazing outcomes, highly recommended (via

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Emma’s Testimonials

I came to Erica seeking relief from insomnia. Erica not only provided me with this, she provided me with tools to improve my self esteem, which further led to an improvement of my sense of where I am in this big wide world of ours. Thanks to Erica, I am a very different person to the person who walked into her clinic doors a couple of months ago

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Erica’s Testimonials

I just wanted to say thanks so much Lina for getting James back on track. From being a sick little boy who always had to miss out on school, parties and sports activities, he is now a healthy and active child participating in everything and leading a normal lifestyle. He had a wonderful athletics season without being ill and ended up state champion in the 100m which would not have happened if he had been unwell, so he is a happy boy. Your calm and confident approach as to what he should and shouldn’t be eating was re-assurin

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Lina’s Testimonials

My 7yo has been seeing Lisa who specialises on healing the gut naturally to combat allergies and eczema, treating the root cause rather than skin deep remedies... highly recommended - Justine

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Lisa’s Testimonials
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