Weight for Life!

Weight for Life!

Have you found it difficult to shed those extra kilos!

Tried a million and one diets yet still rebound back to same weight.

Ever considered seeing a Naturopath and doing it properly?

Many clients have found great success with our carbohydrate controlled diet incorporating moderate exercise and nutritional supplements specifically designed to promote healthy but rapid weight loss with long lasting results.

The best thing about a proper program with a MNMC Naturopath is that we can monitor the fat loss via scientific testing. Making sure fat is falling and muscle is gaining that way you lose weight with long term benefits.

If your tummy is getting round or rolls are round the middle (organ fat) then you are probably insulin resistant. What this means is that your body wont respond to High GI carbohydrates well. When you put foods such as wheatbix, pasta, cakes, rice, potato etc you tend to store this energy as fat and worsening the problem. The best way to save your insulin and make it more sensitive is to reduce these foods and replace with vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Not to mention insulin is a nutrient sensitive hormone when so when you take quality minerals such as chromium, magnesium and zinc to name a few you kick start your insulin. This helps when you want to have a freedom meal of carbs or have a moderate intake of low GI carbs you don’t just gain fat but you use it as a source of energy!!

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